What Weddings and Photography Mean to Me

My name is Michael Tsao I am a wedding photographer based in Orange County.  Growing up, I’ve had many fortunate opportunities to travel and work abroad, but I was born and Newport Coast and grew up in Orange County.   I am a homegrown, full-blooded Californian and I choose to settle down in Orange County because it is here I feel at home more than anywhere else in the world.

Photography, for me, is about savoring all of life’s intensities.  I am a photographer because I want to celebrate life by documenting moments and photography helps me achieve this (that, and my sketching abilities fell a bit short).  As a photographer, each photo I take, I take with purpose.  The goal of each click of my shutter is to capture the essence of my subject so that whomever comes across my photos can experience what I had experienced at that very moment. 

I am a wedding photographer simply because I am a happy person and I like immersing myself around happy people.  And though it can get a little crazy at times, I never forget that weddings are always a joyous occasion, celebrating the union of family.

I am a wedding photographer because it’s what I love, and what I love doing and I hope to be a part of your journey.


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